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AFW Apps is a publisher of fitness lifestyle applications that is focused on supporting individual health through fitness. Unlike conventional fitness products that focus on recording mechanical achievement, AFW Apps delivers a progressive experience that takes any individual, at any level of fitness, through a guided fitness program. Individual confidence and a sense of achievement are delivered through a phased examination process that measures individual performance against benchmarks. Failure to meet the benchmark only means that the individual can choose to “roll back” into the prior program phase and continue training to meet the benchmark. This system of support and guidance delivers the highest interactive experience between software and user. In combination, we deliver a feature rich, interactive, and guided fitness experience.

Our products are differentiated in the way we motivate and enable the integration of fitness into a consumer’s rapidly adopted digital lifestyle with pre-existing areas of health, fitness and sports interest. Each application is designed to deliver a focused, topical experience, to the user. As a result, the user can choose between general health exercises or a focused experience based on his/her individual lifestyle. Our apps do not generally require any specific venue, equipment, or other constraint. As a result, the user can easily integrate fitness into any life-pace.

Our publications are delivered through the web and through mobile content distribution. AFW Apps is a Global Business Technologies, LLC ( brand. Global Business Technologies, LLC is headquartered in Simi Valley, CA.