Armed Forces Workout 

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Armed Forces Workout is a 9 week training program that guides any individual, at any fitness level, through a progressive training program. The program is founded on the basic core and cardiovascular training programs used by the United States Military. 

Armed Forces Workout is NOT a mechanical tutorial. The app is a guided fitness program that progressively builds the user's performance over time. Benchmarks are established at each training phase. You are required to pass a simple fitness test at the end of each phase based on the training you have already completed. 

The benchmarks are based on actual fitness measures used by the United States military today as established by the Bureau of Medicine. If you don't successfully complete the exam, you have the option to roll yourself back in the training phase and keep working at it! The military knows that consistency is the key to success. But we also know that support and mentoring set the tone! 

interactive features and reporting allow you to see your progress as it happens. Important measures that are easy to record under most conditions are used. Height, weight, and key body part measures provide you with information on your bodyfat and other conditions. Graphs are used to show how you are progressing over time.

Exercise performance are recorded by the user and archived by the application. Again, reporting graphs keep you informed on how you are performing. Indicators are used to let you know if you are meeting assigned objectives. 

The FREE VERSION is a basic training program that takes you through a 9 week training program:

  • Personal Data Management and Recording
  • Core training (Sit ups, push ups, and pull ups)
  • Cardio Training (Run, Bike, Swim) 

 Alternate your cardio training or focus on one area for improvement. The choice is yours. The                      performance results are the same! 

The PAID VERSION provides a variety of features to keep your workout fresh and fun! 

  • Build a custom playlist that launches your music from within the app! Automated features allow you to start your music AND your run or bike with a single touch of a button. Change your music at will to keep your workouts fresh. 
  • Geo-Tracking keeps you on the road! ‚ÄčInteractive maps and location tracking keep you on track as you run or bike. 

Enjoy year round fitness with Armed Forces Workout! No special equipment is required. So if you are a gym rat, professional on the go, or just on holiday; Armed Forces Workout provides a versatile, fun, and interactive training experience that is unmatched by any other application!